Dental Bridges

A family happy with their dental health

An Excellent Way To Replace Missing Teeth And Restore Your Smile

Feel free to smile with confidence again with a natural-looking bridge. It will replace missing teeth, improve your appearance and make it easier to eat the foods you like.

When you have lost one or several teeth, your other teeth may gradually shift out of alignment. This can cause problems with your bite and lead to tooth decay or gum disease. A custom-made bridge fills the gap left by missing teeth with one or more replacement teeth that fit snuggly alongside your natural teeth.

A bridge helps prevent your other teeth from shifting and the support it gives to your cheeks and lips will improve your looks and also help you speak more clearly. A bridge is secured to the surrounding teeth on both sides of the missing teeth. 

Most are fixed permanently in place, but some are removable.

Thanks to advances in technology, bridges are more lifelike and durable than ever. Once you and your dentist have decided a bridge is the right choice for you, he or she will go over a complete treatment plan and answer all your questions. Skilled specialists will custom make your bridge based on impressions and computer models made of your teeth and mouth. The result will look so natural, and fit so comfortably, that your smile will be restored, and you’ll be able to eat normally.

A bridge is not your only option for replacing missing teeth. Depending on your need, dental implants, crowns, or partial dentures are other choices to consider.

We offer a number of payment options to make it easier for you to afford your new bridge. We also work with nearly all dental insurance plans and have a dental discount plan for patients without insurance.